About us

Dear Madam, dear Sir, let me introduce you to my company, the MEMFO Nonprofit Kft.
I would also like to thank you for your consideration and for reading this letter.

Gabriella Oplaznik, CEO

We are cooperating with our partners in a Lease Work construction at our own locations, with our own employees, while equipment and raw materials are supplied by our partners. We are continually training and allocating our workforce, with the necessary skills and in the required numbers, in order to guarantee production in quality and volume.

In Lease Work (as Contract Manufacturer) we assume responsibility for every step of the process, i.e.:

  • production preparation
  • production
  • quality assurance
  • production controlling
  • autonomous production management

We are executing each step in accordance to production schedules, on time and in the quality expected (ISO 9001). Our current partners trust our quality assurance so much, that they forgo an internal quality examination altogether. 

Cooperating with us enables our partners to achieve a higher efficiency in production, because in contract manufacturing you only pay for finished products meeting the required quality. Meanwhile expenses for infrastructure, investments, employees, production planning, training, quality assurance, administration, etc. simply do not incur. As the Contract Manufacturer, we assume full economical and professional responsibility for these areas. MEMFO disposes of the necessary infrastructural background and possesses employees skilled in production controlling, in training and in quality assurance.

MEMFO Nonprofit Kft. is preeminent in the field of social responsibility. During the 18 years of its existence, it became a specialist in employing disabled people. With flexible employment, we formed well trained permanent teams, which execute production exactly to the conditions set by our partners, especially in the requested time and quality – with virtually no fluctuation of employees.

“Creation of anthropocentric workplaces, in order to enable disabled or other in any way disadvantaged or handicapped people – which have a hard time finding a job on the ‘conventional’ labor market – to fulfill a full-fledged role in their working life. With this clientele we aim to provide quality products and quality services fully compliant with market expectations. We achieve these aims primarily by means of our complex human resources policies and its organization.”

"We seek to be a bridge between the disabled and the modern labor market.
MEMFO – We love to work this way!"

(Gabriella Oplaznik, founding CEO)

Partner Specification:
We are looking for medium-sized or large companies which dispose of manufacturing/production technology, quality assurance and production planning, who are active in wiring harness manufacturing or electronic production, and are operating in the fields of the automotive industry, in electronics or electronic hardware, in manufacturing systems engineering or in the production of rechargeable batteries. Our would-be partner attributes great importance to the manufacturing process as well as to the visual verification, which essentially requires a workforce skilled and experienced in quality assurance.
Provided your serious interest in cooperation, we could assume the costs for the necessary equipment, appliances and training – thanks to our investors.
The partner we are looking for is currently struggling with worker shortages and/or does not have a production site with the necessary capacity available.
MEMFO has the solution for these problems. We can take on the responsibility for a part of the production process – if needed, for the entire production – with a workforce of 30-75 persons, on one of our locations, with 500-1100 m2 of available area, on the logistically favorable axis between Budapest and Vienna.

We compete with companies, which produce wiring harnesses concentrated at central locations in large volume, requiring a large staff (Lear, Flextronics, etc.). This results in worker shortages, in lack of flexibility regarding timing and technology and in poor efficiency at small-scale production.
We also compete with Temporary-Employment Agencies. Temporary workforce usually works at the borrower company's site, this however does not solve a capacity bottleneck at the production site and moreover does not guarantee a staff with a constant know-how, entailing quality issues.